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Boss Name H.Eslant
Drop Items
[Shell Boots]
Chitin Shell Boots (+5), Rogue Chitin Shell Boots (+5), Complete Boots (+5), Priest Chitin Shell Boots (+5), Blessed Upgrade Scroll (+0)
[Shell Gauntlets]
Chitin Shell Gauntlet (+5), Rogue Chitin Shell Gauntlet (+5), Complete Glove (+5), Priest Chitin Shell Gauntlet (+5), Blessed Upgrade Scroll (+0)
[Shell Helmet]
Chitin Shell Helmet (+5), Rogue Chitin Shell Helmet (+5), Complete Helmet (+5), Priest Chitin Shell Helmet (+5), Blessed Upgrade Scroll (+0)
[Shell Pads]
Chitin Shell Pads (+5), Rogue Chitin Shell Pads (+5), Complete Pants (+5), Priest Chitin Shell Pads (+5), Blessed Upgrade Scroll (+0)
[Shell Pauldron]
Chitin Shell Pauldron (+5), Rogue Chitin Shell Pauldron (+5), Complete Robe (+5), Priest Chitin Shell Pauldron (+5), Blessed Upgrade Scroll (+0)
Silver bar (+0)
Dark stone
Exceptional Raptor (+5), Exceptional Shard (+5), Exceptional Iron Impact (+5), Exceptional Mirage (+5), Exceptional Blade Axe (+5), Exceptional Iron Bow (+5), Exceptional Elixir Staff (+5), Exceptional Impact (+5), Blessed Upgrade Scroll (+0)
Deruvish founder
Elf Ring(+1), Agate Ring(+1), Ruby Ring(+1), Diamond Ring(+1), Emerald Ring(+1), Gold Ring(+1), Silver Ring(+1), Crystal Ring(+1), Platinum Ring(+1), Opal Ring(+1), Blessed Upgrade Scroll (+0)
Dragon tooth
Dragon tooth hammer(+5)
Harpy Queen
Warrior Earring(+1), Rogue Earring(+1), Mage Earring(+1), Cleric Earring(+1), Blessed Upgrade Scroll (+0)
Giantic Axe(+5), Giantic Axe(+5), Blessed Upgrade Scroll (+0)
Scorpion Shield, Scorpion Bow(+5), Tail of Shaula (+0)
Snake Queen
White Dragon Necklace(+1), Amulet of Dexterity(+1), Iron Necklace(+1), Amulet of Strength(+1), Blue Dragon Necklace(+1), Black Dragon Necklace(+1), Green Dragon Amulet(+1), Amulet of Health(+1), Amulet of Magic Power(+1), Amulet of Goddess (+1), Amulet of Curse(+1), Blessed Upgrade Scroll (+0)
Iron Belt(+1), Glass Belt(+1), String of Skulls(+1), Elf Belt(+1), Sash of Sorrows(+1), Belt of Strength(+1), Belt of Dexterity(+1), Belt of Life(+1), Crystal belt(+1), Skeleton Belt(+1), Bronze Belt(+1), Fire Belt(+1), Ice Belt(+1), Lightning Belt(+1), Blessed Upgrade Scroll (+0)
Troll King
Platinum Earring(+1), White-Silver Earring(+1), Secret-Silver Earring(+1), Agate Earring(+1), Elf-Metal Earring(+1), Silver Earring(+1), Crystal Earring(+1), Opal Earring(+1), Blessed Upgrade Scroll (+0)